Hawkmoth – Sphinx Autodoc for C and C++

Hawkmoth is a Sphinx extension to incorporate C and C++ source code comments formatted in reStructuredText into Sphinx based documentation. It uses Clang Python Bindings for parsing, and generates C and C++ domain directives for C and C++ documentation, respectively. In short, Hawkmoth is Sphinx Autodoc for C/C++.

Hawkmoth aims to be a compelling alternative for documenting C and C++ projects using Sphinx, mainly through its simplicity of design, implementation and use.


The C++ support is still in early stages of development, and lacks some fundamental features such as handling namespaces and documenting C++ specific features other than classes.

Please see the Hawkmoth project GitHub page (or README.rst in the source repository) for information on how to obtain, install, and contribute to Hawkmoth, as well as how to contact the developers.

Read on for information about Hawkmoth installation details and usage; how to configure and use the extension and how to write documentation comments, with examples.


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